Are apple products "user friendly"?

\ Thu Apr 19 2018 01:00:00 GMT+0100 (BST) \

Who hasn't broke a few gadgets in the past? Lots of us out there have the experience of dropping mobile phone into the toilet and was in the dilimma of putting hands into the shit hole to get it out or just pay another 700 quids to get a new one.

Apple=User friendly?

Even the one decided to get a new one at the end, as you can't flush it into the pipe because nowadays the phones are usually gigantic, I guess most of the times it ended up with putting hands in the hole anyway.

When the gadget gets damaged, we all hoped there is an easy way to fix it. However here is this unlucky guy who broke his iMac, got a decline from apple for supplying parts to fix it themselves:

I need to make it clear here, I am not saying it is a legal obligation for apple to provides the part for repairing, what I am trying to say is, most of the tech company out there won't give their users a hard time, if they've got some spare parts and that saves the user some time and money, most of the cases they are more than happy to supply it.

But apple is different, apple here deliberately composed the policies to make it hostile to power user who willing to do their jobs themselves.

That reminds me all the inhumanities I found after using macbook for nearly a decade, I now call apple products are completely NOT USER FRIENDLY, their understanding of "user friendly" might be very narrow minded, it seems to them, "user friendly" in a lot of cases are only limited to the shining posh look of product, a lot of their designs are not even close to convenient to use.

For example on macbook pro, the headphone jack is on the left side, then when you are listening to the music while doing some coding, you get the cable twisting around your left arm all the time and distract you from coding. but it was been like that for a good decade and apple never bother to "rethink" about it, because moving it to the front will destroy the posh look of it.

Another example I can immediately remember is the kernel_task high cpu usage issue, it happens for a lot of reasons, sometimes it was because kext driver went crazy, sometimes even cpu overheat causes that, but apple never address that to make it easier for user to identify what behind the scene has actually went wrong on the mac, it always shows "kernel_task" and that's it, thats all you got from activity monitor, and all apple left the user to do are: turn on and off the computer, disable kexts, clean dust, leave the users to figure out what the heck has went wrong.

Also the glare reflective screen is bloody difficult to use if you are sitting next to a bright window, come on, what's wrong with be able to have a nice view in the office? should i tell my boss to shut me into a dark room in order to use this retarded stupid laptop?

Apple knows as long as its products have the style the people want then them will follow. human beings are too attracted to good looking things and this is coded inside our genes, and this rule has became the most powerful weapon in modern capitalism worlds, whoever is able to take advantage of that and also smart enough to not be controlled by that are going to make great success in this world.

And apple is still the master.